LEGO Paint

Designschool Kolding, LEGO Concept

The Task Given

How might we create a computer application for kids in the age 4-6 years old, while staying true to the Lego brand and its values, all while embracing the digital qualities?

The Application

LEGO Paint is a new drawing application for the youngest PC users age 4 - 6, but can also be fun for older children and adults. LEGO Paint does not try to replicate the physical sensation of building “real” Lego bricks by hand. Instead, it embraces the digital qualities and enables you to do things that would not be possible with real Lego bricks: like quickly placing a lot of bricks with a simple brushstroke or seeing plastic parts come to life as in the Lego movie. Drawing with Lego Paint both encourages creativity among kids and combines playing and learning within a digital environment, all while staying true to the Lego brand.
Lego Paint is an easy-to-use web application that can easily be navigated by a 4 year old. The simple interface and the familiar Lego aesthetics get you started within seconds. The application provides fun for a quick five minutes or even five hours. The smart autosave-feature continuously saves your drawing progress, thereby allowing for an easy exit and an easy come-back.

People involved
Philipp Schmitt